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When out walking, some guy on a bike was all "hello!" and I almost kept walking because I was afraid he was hitting on me. But he just wanted to know which way it was to Hover, and surprisingly I knew which way to point. He was very good looking (actually maybe it was just the Euro accent), though was the type where his skinny, youthful face didn't match his super muscular stocky body. As he biked away I leered at him, haha.
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cleaning up to 80s music is the best. something about 80s music just gets in you and leaves this soaring feeling! things can happen! you can do it! let's go!
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oh boy fruit

Mom was afraid I was poor (she's right) and gave me a HUGE amount of fruit, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, even blackberries. I just hope I can eat em all before they spoil.

I think fruit is the one food I'd never stop eating, even if I was told it was bad for my health for some obscure reason. It just has a pure wonderful taste, that it can't be that bad, can it? It's a different kind of taste from crispy fried foods and buttery cake and pastries that melt in your mouth. It must be because there is no guilt.
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the garden


there was a car across the street that had a horn alarm THAT WOULD NOT STOP. It started around noon and finally ended an hour ago. It was nuts and I wanted to harm bunnies. ok no but it was annoying. EDIT: OMG it started up again because it started to rain hard! ARGGHHGLE

I watched Disney's <i>The Rescuers</i>. I'd only ever seen the Down Under sequel. The movie was cute and all vintage Disney with super sketchy animation, like Robin Hood and 101 Dalmatians. I liked that Bernard and Bianca had the same voice actors from the sequel.

I woke up a few hours early than I normally do, so I feel tired right now at 9:30pm. I hope it'll make me go to sleep early, and maybe get my time schedule back on track... since I've been out of work, my sleeping is all out of whack and it's been so hard to get it in order. I managed to be somewhat productive today, but I feel so bleehh. and weirdly enough, my bare feet feel hot (they're always cold!). Don't know what that could mean, Google didn't seem to know either. Whatever it is it's making me not want to walk and do more stuff lol.

the most massive striped centipede was in the bathroom. I screamed a little and killed it with my shoe. Poor thing, I didn't want to kill it, but it was too fast and scary to catch and take outside. ugh when I whacked it a pair of its legs came off and were still twitching long after death! Staring at it made me think how the world is an interesting and weird place.

A guy I went out with ages ago texted me today. I had suspected he was dating someone else which is why he stopped calling me. And he confirmed it, lol. That's something I like about him, he's very straightforward like that. I don't get jealous or anything because I don't know what I think about him other than he's cute and maybe sometimes a little naive? But now basically is telling me out of the string of girls he's dated recently I was the best one. Maybe I could have been the one dating him all this time if I hadn't strung him along so long for a second date. I kept canceling and it's no wonder he moved to other waters. I'm rarely on the ball with things.

He's asking pretty much if I want to try again. I'm feeling lonely lately so I'm going to say whenever is a good time for me. But as I'm jobless and am so broke I haven't been hanging out with any friends or going on any dates.. it sucks, lol. I want to get out more but I'm so trapped with money and obligations. I can't wait until it's all over and I can save up some money and move away. But that notion is scary too. Being out completely on my own. Sometimes I feel I subconsciously stay in this rut because I'm afraid of change and unknown. But I can't stay here forever, I need to get out in the world.

I ate all the whole wheat and there's only white bread left. Will have to buy some more tomorrow. I've stopped eating white bread and now after month I prefer the taste of whole wheat. I never would have imagined it. I actually had to eat some white bread last week and it tasted weird.. too .. sweet. I need to get some soymilk or almond milk too. I want to find a healthy whole grain cereal, but the grocery might just have stuff that's full of junk.
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Ended up doing the errands outside first as it was getting around 7pm and I procrastinate when it comes to exercise. That, and I was hungry. :P

Went to return the clothes first. I browsed a little but I was in a disinterested mood and there was nothing really cute or haven't seen. I shouldn't be spending money mindlessly anyway. SAVED MONIES.

went to the grocery and bought fish and salad. The guy in line in front of me was short a penny so I gave him one. I am now known as The Penny Avenger. No really but it was nice to see him happy, and it's just a penny, you know? The girl in checkout also told me the bag of frozen fish I was getting was buy-one-get-one-free so I raced back to grab another when she ran my card. Give a penny and you get blessed with free fish? I like it. The salad mix bag I got was buy-one-get-one-free too. Now I have to inhale a lot of salad before it spoils though.

Now I have to ... exercise, take a shower, do some laundry, write about 5 important emails back to people, and maybe do some sewing at night. Tomorrow I need to post a lot of my stuff for sale ... I'm slowly but steadily getting rid of a lot of stuff I've been hoarding / hanging on to. I can't imagine how good it's going to feel when it's all basically gone and there's nothing more to sell or get rid of.
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So I've decided

My sister bought me a new mini fishtank to house all the babies in. They're thriving in there! All pot-bellied and happy, and they're getting their colors in. She also bought me 2 banana plants because they're funny. The weird thing is the big banana plant floats ... the smaller one stays put at the bottom. I should tie the floating one to the smaller one and see if it stays down. It's just weird as the big one should be heavier!

I went for a walk but felt iffy the entire time because I forgot to put sunscreen on! Now i feel like I can't go anywhere without it.

I need to go buy some groceries and return a dress I bought for Kasey. It was a size L but too small for her! WTH, she's like tiny. I also changed my mind on a blouse I got, it doesn't look as good as me as I thought it would. I was too lazy to try it on in the fitting room, so now I get to spend even more time going back and returning it! Yeah, I'm priceless.

Still looking for a jobbbbb. Gosh at this point I'll take anything, even if it's screwing on toothpaste caps to tubes of toothpaste. Being Inspector #4958 beats just sitting around here and doing nothing. I should do some exercise and take a shower and do laundry. Not sure if I should do all that or go to the stores first ... I hate to go out all yeech.

Ok time to stop whining on what to do and do it!